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VL ODC Transportation
India Port Trust ODC Project
The concerned project material was imported from Jakarta and was supposed to be used for ONGC offshore project in deep sea. Due to some problem the project could not be started and since then it was lying in the port. The materials were highly over dimensional and not made for surface transportation. Many transporters were approached by the client but all refused to accept the material giving various reasons.
Reasons for not lifting material by transporters
One particular consignment size was length-38ft, width- 26 ft, height- 12.3 ft& wt- 57 tons. For taking this shipment out of the port following things needs to be done-
Value Added Services:
The shipment cannot be taken out from the gate.
For taking out the shipment port trust wall or gate has to be broken.
Second hindrance railings created at the security check area needs to be broken.
  Taking permission of India port trust, police, CISF, Customs as they have to guard the broken area till it is constructed again endangering crores and crores of rupees material lying inside port trust.
Requirement of excellent relations and hold inside India port trust.
Suppose the same is some how brought outside, heavy traffic congestion, handling RTO, police.
Enroute breaking toll collection booth.
On reaching destination again breaking gate to enter warehouse.
Like this there were another 5 shipment only difference was there width was 21ft.
Our Reaction
First place all our team felt it is very difficult but at the back of mind something said let us try and solve the problem.
We met the client at his office and as usual he had many querries including how you will do it, do you have any expertise in handling such projects, any contacts in India port trust-
We just requested him to have faith in us and give his guidance whenever required .We will do the needful and keep them updated with the developments.
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